The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

50th Birthday for Laos

Sara for Laos

I turned 50 recently, and because I like dancing so much myself I organized a disco party. I asked all the guests to donate something for the foundation HelpLaos.

In total I received 500 eur. How great!

At the end of this year I will be visiting the Khong District for the second time, together with my partner Lies. The first time we stayed at the house of the Foundation for a few days, which was a very special experience. It’s the house where Sian’s parents used to live (Sian is one of the co-founders of the Foundation).

The basic needs were met in the house, but we did miss a few things. We would have appreciated some nice chairs for the beautiful covered terrace, a wardrobe, and some more pots and pans and kitchen tools. We liked the idea of using the collected money to buy some things for the house.

Early next year I will let you know what we bought!