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The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Joining forces for more self-sufficiency in Laos

The Friends of the Khongdistrict Foundation helps people in Laos to improve their living circumstances. More and better education, better healthcare and a basic income for every person will increase the opportunities for the locals to establish themselves.

New initiatives come to life in co-operation with the locals. By sharing their knowledge and experience they offer our volunteers support in a friendly and easy way so that various small projects can be set up . A local committee supervises the projects and is the link between the locals and the Dutch organization.


Up till now a clinic, various schools and more than a hundred toilets have been constructed. 17 water pumps are in use and the first village library has been realized. Villagers have taken steps to increase their income through ecotourism. Read more…


The Laotians like to pull their weight and get to work. Do you want to support them in doing so? There's many different ways for you to help out, once or for a longer period of time, in the Netherlands or in Laos. Your ideas will be listened to. Read more…

Support us

As a person, a company, an organization or a school, you can contribute to a better future for the people in Laos in a number of ways. Financially, materially or by fundraising activities. We appreciate any kind op help! Read more about this on our page Support Us.