Build a biogas installation (extensive user manual available)

A biogas installation consists of a concrete covering of about 1.5 m high and 3 m wide. It is filled with dung to ferment. This produces flammable gas and compost. Building an installation like this would reduce the work of the women, because they don’t have to go out to collect wood. It also creates a healthier environment for the population because there is less toxic smoke inside the house. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly.

Building it will take about two weeks, supposing the involved families help you. Let us know as soon as possible if you’re interested in doing this. Once we find a volunteer willing to do this project, a family will be selected, which would require about 4 weeks. Then the material has to be bought. Once you start, you need to consider the fact that you probably won’t be able to work on it fulltime, because the families have other obligations.

It is important that the local people are involved, so they learn how to build it themselves and will be able to build one without our help.

This requires a volunteer who is available for a longer period of time. Minimal commitment: four to six weeks.

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