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Building a classroom

The government of Laos only pays the salaries of the teachers. When parents want to build a school, they must provide the money themselves. Because there is often just enough money for

basic necessities, lessons take place in a dilapidated house or a temple without walls. These are non-weatherproof, unquiet, uninviting and uninspiring solutions. By building a school we offer children an attractive learning environment and the possibility of going to school in their own village for a longer time.

As demonstrated, the villagers are particularly creative. When we supply cement and roofing, they provide sand, gravel and wood. They pour themselves stones out of concrete and assist with everything. In this way they acquire new skills like cooperating, planning, budgeting and building. With these skills they are able to take new initiatives. And when an extra classroom has been built, as a bonus the government often provides for an extra teacher.

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