Coaching members of the KCDA

Our local committee in Laos, the Khong district Community Development Association, contributes a lot to the development of the whole district. Members

 inform the people about the importance of hygiene. They also encourage villagers to sharing knowledge and experience and learn them to cooperate, for example in building schools.The ultimate goal is that the KCDA on its own initiative identifies problems, sets priorities, finds solutions and starts new activities. For that reason members should learn certain skills, such as writing project plans, fundraising and implementation and evaluation of projects. We support them in doing so through coaching.

In developing the KCDA to a fully independent operating project management team, we work step by step in the pace and manner of the local po

pulation. People learn according to the principle of ‘Controlled Experimental Learning’: by doing, first under tight supervision, gradually increasing to be released.

In recent years, our local experts Ging and Dong have achieved a lot already in assisting the KCDA. The building of toilets and schools and the installation of water pumps are going well. Other activities, like encouraging reading through village and school libraries, are under development.

However, the tasks of the committee members are increasingly challenging and new specific knowledge and expertise are much needed, for example in the following areas

  • building biogas plants
  • the use of water filters
  • cattle breeding
  • ecotourism
  • project management and networking.

If you think you can contribute to one of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Ging and Dong are the perfect example of how fast people are able to develop themselves: eight years ago they had never been in a bank. Nowadays they look after the entire management of our projects and train residents in various practical and organizational skills. Moreover, they have set up a large network in the capital and maintain contacts with foreign advisors.

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