The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

The construction of 3 new classrooms in Ban Muang

In the village of Ban Muang, a town just on the edge of the Khong district, 3 new classrooms and just as many new toilets are being built with the support of our foundation.

The new school consists of three classrooms, with two classrooms separated by a flexible wall. This gives the opportunity to convert them in a short time to a larger space that will be used as a meeting room. So this is multifunctional.

We (Lies and Nelline) visited the village on 17 December to see the progress of the construction, but also to get acquainted with a number of residents. We were received by, among others, the village head, the school director and a teacher. People always feel very honored when 'falangs' (foreigners) come and visit them. So every effort was made to make us feel comfortable, including a delicious lunch.

It moved us that the people are so grateful for something so obvious in our eyes as a good classroom. Our visit showed once again that the donations that we receive as a foundation and that we can actually convert to the construction of a school, are so much appreciated.

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