The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

The construction of a new school in Nakasang is progressing slowly but surely!

All our schools are built according to the national directives. In the construction plan that was approved by the authorities the size and dimensions of the classrooms are mentioned and the building materials are specified, among other things. 

Our foundation only funds a project if the local people are contributing as well. They provide the sand and gravel needed, for example. They take it from the river and bring it to the construction site. They also help constructing where possible. We pay in four part payments. We pay only after the work is done, which is exceptional in Laos. The KCDA decides whether the regulations and our agreements were observed during the construction process. If so, the association gives a positive advice to the board back in the Netherlands and they will transfer the money of the part payment to the account of the contractor who did the work. 

Once the construction process is finished the building is officially handed over to the villagers. The construction association is then dissolved and the school director becomes responsible for maintaining the building which will be supervised by the village chief. Our local association will stay in touch with the village and will keep an eye on how the process is followed up. 

The inspection our foundation does is just a formal procedure. Because all villagers are closely involved in building the school there is a lot of social control. We support more than just a school building. People experience that by working together they can achieve a lot. They learn new skills, such as how to construct a building, how to negotiate, how to design and carry out a construction plan. It gives them the confidence to take other initiatives.

We will keep you updated about the progress!