The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

De school at Hang Som is finished!

You can imagine that not only the children, but also the teachers and other villagers were very happy to know that a wonderful new school could be built. This could be realized with the support of our foundation and in particular of the thrift store ‘De Wisselbeker’ in Nootdorp, the Lions Club Bunnik and the Wild Geese Foundation. The residents themselves have also contributed, making it even more "their" school.

February 8 was not just a transfer, but a very festive one. Next to the KCDA members, the Mayor of the Khong district and a representative from the Department of Education, our volunteers Lies and Nelline were present. As representatives of the Netherlands they could take seats as guests of honor next to the Mayor!

After several official speeches the children had their turn. Under guidance of their teachers they had prepared a beautiful performance. They performed several traditional Laotian dances and it was a pleasure for the audience to watch. After a delicious Laotian meal, catered by residents of the village, the ceremony was concluded with dance, music and Lao beer.

The next day the kids went into their brand new school for their first lesson.