The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

as a company

Looking for a project to enforce your company’s CSR-policy (Corporate Social Responsibility)? The Friends of the Khong District foundation would be an excellent partner.

There are many ways to sponsor us: financially, materially, by making your expertise available or by helping us to increase our publicity. Support us once, multiple times or through a gift by a notarial deed. Support all our work or concentrate your sponsorship on a specific project. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to talk to you about all of  them.

The Friends of the Khong District foundation has been identified by the Tax Service as an ‘ANBI’ (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), which is a public benefit organization. This means that donations to the foundation are tax deductible. Moreover, you don’t owe gift or inheritance taxes on donations and legacies that were given to the foundation. 100% of your donation will therefore end up at the foundation. Click here for more information about donating periodically through a notarial deed, an interesting possibility because the gift is fully deductible.

Detailed information on donating can be found at or on the website of the Tax Service (click here for information about gifts and companies). Another site that gives a lot of information about the deductibility of gifts is

A few suggestions:

  • A company fund in name: connects the name of your company to a fund that finances one or multiple projects that correspond with the goals or specific wishes of your company.
  • A fundraising activity for Help Laos, like a sporting event, auction or game/lottery.
  • A fundraising activity among your employees, like a savings pot in the company restaurant, the suggestion of donating the amount behind the comma on the salary slip every month, the opportunity to pick a donation to our foundation instead of a Christmas gift box.
  • Design and/or implementation of printing, promotion materials and information materials.
  • Your time and/or expertise, for instance in PR and communication or fundraising.
  • An article about the activities of the foundation of about a specific project in the newsletter or employee magazine.
  • A link or banner of Help Laos on the company website.

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