The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

as donator

As a donor you can support our projects once or structurally. When you donate you can indicate whether you want to donate to a specific project. We will keep you personally informed about the progress of the project.

100% of every gift we receive directly benefits the people of Laos. In addition, donations to the foundation are tax-deductible, because the foundation is regarded by tax authorities as an ‘ANBI’, a public benefit organization.

A one-time donation can be booked over to account: NL 42 RABO 0142 8235 54 to the attention of Foundation Friends of the Khong District. State 'donation' as the description and the name of the project you want us to spend your gift on (optional).

Do you want to donate periodically? In that case, you set up an automatic bank transfer or authorize us to take the desired amount by directly debiting you. Another possibility is the periodic gift regulated by a underhanded agreement.

Detailed information about donating can be found on or on the website of the Tax Service (click here for private donations). Another site that gives a lot of information about the deductibility of gifts is

If you have any questions, please contact our treasurer H. Bierman at +31 (0)15-3694221, or via contact.