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Education: building a school in Ban Muang 2017-2018

The old school in Ban Muang is in serious need of replacement. In the roof, but also in the wooden walls, there are large holes so that in particular in the rainy season teaching is very unpleasant. Some children do not even show up in the rainy season because it is not really possible to sit in the classroom with your notebook and pencil. Also in the hot season the indoor climate of the school is very bad. No ceiling, no fans, so terribly hot. You can imagine that the children, but also the teacher, can not concentrate properly. Also the furniture is in a very bad shape and has to be replaced. The old school consists of only one room where two groups are taught.

Around 75 children aged between 6 and 9 are present at the school. The children come from three villages, Ban Muang, Ban Nafang and Ban Oepasan.

The villages are situated at the Mekong and the inhabitants live mainly from fishing and rice cultivation. The average income is around € 100 per month and you can hardly manage on this amount. Let alone also spend money on a new school. The school therefore needed to be replaced for more than five years. The contribution for the construction of this new school, toilets and furniture is therefore received with great joy.

In addition, according to the principle of our foundation, a contribution from the villagers is always requested. This can be in the form of money, but also in manpower, sand, gravel or stones. In this way it really becomes something of themselves.

The habd over ceremony of the school to the village took place on the 26th of March 2018.

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