EDUCATION: (potential) building school Ban Houay Phai 2018-2019

The current wooden school in the village of Ban Houay Phai is built in 1976 and is actually on the verge of collapse. It is expected that the school will last for only 1 to 2 years. In 2008 the village already built a ' kindergarten with 2 classrooms supported by our foundation. This building is still in a very good condition. In the two buildings about 260 pupils from three villages get educated. 

It’s time for a new building for the groups 3-8, is the thought of KCDA. So they have submitted an application to us for contribution. The intention is to build a new school building with six classrooms.  

For now we will search for donors who want to support our Foundation and the KCDA actively, so the children and teachers of this community also will get a brand new school. 

For photos of this school click here.

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