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EDUCATION: (potential) building of school Don Xai Phai 2019

Don Xai Phai is a village with over 600 inhabitants on the banks of the Mekong. Most people earn their income with rice cultivation and fishing. However, the average income is very low and the people can hardly manage. 

The wooden school in the village is currently in a very poor shape. The walls of the school are bended and here and there planks are missing. Furthermore, the sink roof is rusting and full of holes, giving little protection against the sun and rain.
A big storm last year also caused a great deal of damage.

So it’s high time that this bad building is replaced by a solid concrete one with 3 classrooms. There are also new chairs and tables for the children and their teachers needed. The Village Committee has therefore applied for financial support to our Laotian partner, the KCDA.

After The KCDA has accepted this request they submitted an official request to us. This application fits well into our mission.

For this school as well as for the schools in Houay Pai and Ban Nasenphan we will look actively for donors. 

If this project or one of our other projects appeals to you and you would like to contribute financially to this, you can donate directly through the donate button on our site or if you prefer not to use IDEAL, please click here

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