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Extension of the school in Ban Thamouang 2017-2018

In Ban Thamouang, the hometown of the KCDA, three new classrooms and five toilets are currently being built. The children and their teachers also get new furniture.

The construction started in April 2017 and is already officially handed over to the village on the 20th of February 2018. The construction of this school, but also all other schools, is made possible by donations given to our foundation. In addition, according to the principle of our foundation, besides the residents of Ban Thamouang, 4 neighbouring villages also contribute to the creation of these classrooms and toilets. This contribution can consist of money, manpower and / or building materials.

The expansion of the school is necessary because around 200 children come to this school and the current number of classrooms offers far too little space. There are now an average of 40 students in one classroom. As an alternative, some children now get lessons outside under a roof. With the expansion, all children will soon be in a real classroom.

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