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The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

The Friends of the Khong District Foundation

Who we are and what we do

The Friends of the Khong District Foundation aims at enabling people to improve their living conditions. The emphasis is on hygiene and health, good education and opportunities to acquire a basic income.

Our method can be summarized as to inspire, encourage, activate and facilitate people. The people themselves know best where the need is greatest. Therefore let them decide what problems need to be resolved first. We give them a hand with planning, implementing and evaluating. The population itself always contributes to the realization of the plans.

The Khong District Community Development Association (KCDA), a committee of motivated local residents, is the core of our organization in Laos and the basis of all the help we give.

Together is a core concept. Cooperation between the KCDA, the local population, our coach in Vientiane and our volunteers makes all good things happen. In the chart you can see how our organization is structured.

In all our projects the process is as important as the result. By doings things together, constantly trying out new things and by not being afraid to make mistakes, we continue to develop ourselves. In this way a learning community is created.

Our activities just started with a new roof on a school. Meanwhile, we build whole schools, a clinic and restrooms. We dig wells / install water pumps, train the KCDA, improve education, furnish libraries and so on.

Adrie de Koning, one of the initiators of the foundation worked from 1996 more than three years as a volunteer in Laos and in 2000 he married Thongsian Phongsavath who is born and raised in the Khongdistrict. After he returned to the Netherlands, he looked for a way to help the people in the Khongdistrict. In Jan van Keulen (currently advisor of the foundation) he found a good partner and together they founded the Friends of the Khong district Foundation in 2002.