The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Henk Bierman

My name is Henk Bierman.  I was born in 1946, am married with two sons and two daughters-in-law.  I have two grandsons and since November 2014 I also have an adopted granddaughter from Sri Lanka. After a career working in finance and admin I retired in February 2007 and since then have kept myself busy working with several local organizations as a volunteer. 

It was one of those volunteer jobs that brought me into contact with Jan van Keulen, the present chairman of the Foundation.  We were both members of a financial committee Jan was having a problem setting up the bookkeeping in Laos and working out the figures here in the Netherlands. 

After a number of years as advisor to the board of the Foundation, I am now treasurer.  Thanks to my prior experience and involvement, I know what the job calls for. With the all the positive developments now taking place in Laos, schools and water pumps being built and investing in the Laotian people – the local population of the Khong district in particular – this promises to be most rewarding work and I look forward to carrying it out for many years to come.

It is especially important to mention the selfless efforts of the volunteers here in the Netherlands and also those of the volunteers who travel to Laos to teach English and to help the local population in other ways as well. Developments in the field of eco tourism and an animal farming project are also helping the local people to build a better future.  Given that the Foundation works with volunteers, costs are kept to a minimum and that very much appeals to me in that it means the maximum amount of money actually goes to Laos for development and support of the local population.