The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Jan van Keulen

My name is Jan van Keulen.  I was born in 1943, am married and live in Nootdorp.  We have three children and six grandchildren.
Before retirement, my work revolved around land appropriation and acquisition, ground rehabilitation, recreational development and waste disposal.For many years, my wife and I have done various kinds of volunteer work, not only administrative but rolling up our sleeves as well.  Involved in all sorts of organizations, my wife knew Adrie de Koning for example from a flower arrangement workshop.

Adrie spent a good three years in Laos doing development work.  When Adrie and Sian de Koning returned to live in Nootdorp, we got together again.  Adrie and Sian were keen to help the people of the Khong district, where Sian was born and brought up and that is what was behind our establishing the Foundation Friends of the Khong District in 2002.  Adrie and I with Jan Vrins as secretary formed the board. At the time, in 2002, the conditions for development work seemed very advantageous.  From his experiences, Adrie knew the situation in the Khong district well and Sian acted as intermediary and interpreter.  It has been a conscious decision to keep our organization small and that is one of the ways we have kept our overheads low.  The contributions of our many loyal supporters have been put to optimal use in Laos.  Establishing the Foundation was definitely the right decision; our purpose continues to be to promote development for the benefit of those living in the Khong district.

Adrie asked me to take over his position as chairman because of other priorities. I did this for one year and as of 1.1.2016 Jozef Scholten will take over the position. I will always treasure the foundation and if necessary I will give them advice.