The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Jan Vrins

My name is Jan Vrins and I live in Delft.  I originally met Adrie de Koning through my work in the 1980s and I kept up with him during the period he was in Laos. When, on his return from Laos, he and Jan van Keulen came up with the idea of the Foundation, I very much wanted to be part of the venture. I took it upon myself to run the administrative side as secretary of the Foundation and have done so ever since with great pleasure.

I am very proud of what has been achieved and am thrilled to see how our many volunteers put their heart and energy into the work.  It is important that the Foundation is transparent in how it goes about its task so that you know exactly where the money goes, and funds do not get squandered. Working as a team to achieve a common goal is the challenge that motivates us all at the Foundation.

Real development is helping individuals to realize their potential, and that is what the Friends of the Khong District is all about.