The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Jozef Scholten (Chairman)

My name is Jozef Scholten. I was born (1951) and raised in Twente and living in Nootdorp since late 1985. I am married and we have two children, both with partner and a grandson.

After my training in Applied Physics (Twente) I taught for a year at the HTS (Higher Technical School). With our departure for South Germany my career in telecommunications started. Back in the Netherlands I have further developed myself to an experienced project manager. In early 2015, I had the opportunity to decide to end this career by June 1 of that year.

My wife and I both have done various kinds of volunteer work for many years, not only administratively but also with odd jobs, including for the Foundation. We know Jan and Petra van Keulen also for many years. So my decision to commit myself to being a board member of the Foundation is perhaps somewhat obvious, but this is not the only reason. Some of the reasons I would like to clarify below.

My wife and I have taken two journeys through China in the last few years. We not only visited the tourist highlights, but we also spent some time in small villages and rural areas. It is known that the political and economic development of Laos is nowhere near approaching that of the big neighbor China. Moreover, Khong District is located in the farthest corner of Laos and thereby further lags behind the capital. In my opinion the utility that Adrie de Koning and Sian together with Jan have put up for the residents of the Khong district, deserves certainly to be continued.

The Foundation is a small organization so the overall costs are kept low. Gifts of donors can be optimally devoted to developments in the Khong district. The fact that the Foundation only responds to requests from the residents and the residents themselves contribute to realize the projects, increases the chance that offered help meets a specific need. The KCDA will play an increasingly important role in this.

The coming years will bring a number of new challenges: The livestock project will be a different one from the now "famous" building of schools. It is positive that the communication with the KCDA can occur more often by email and in English, but this also means that proper communication within the standards of the Laotian culture deserves extra attention.

As president of the Foundation I will be supported by an enthusiastic secretary and treasurer. Furthermore, Adrie, Sian and Jan van Keulen will advise me with their experience and of course, there are the indispensable volunteers who help the Foundation where they can. So we can continue our joint efforts for the interests of our Foundation, i.e. for a better future for the people of the Khong district.

Send me a message if you like!