The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

KCDA takes an opportunity

The KCDA signed up for “Learning house for Development” (LHD). LHD is a central networking point for social organizations in Laos. The initiative is meant for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that focus on fighting poverty. LHD offers space and possibilities for NPOs to get together and learn new skills, to share knowledge and to make their organizations grow. It is basically a nonpolitical, nonprofit and nonreligious network that is locally managed. They focus on the results of their members and their goal is to continually develop the poorest and most neglected communities in Laos.

In the meantime many members have followed workshops and trainings, for instance Effective Facilitator in Community and Good Practice Documentation.

LHD has already been of great value for us, especially for the ongoing development of our programs. The past couple of years the KCDA has learned a lot from the on-the-spot coaching by Sian and Dong. In order to continue growing as an organization this kind of coaching is not sufficient though. More high level skills are required, which calls for structural training. That's something our organization cannot yet offer.

The goal of the LHD is very similar to our goal: motivate people and teach them how to improve their living circumstances themselves.