The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is


My name is Lodi, born in 1976, grew up in Krimpen aan de Lek, The Netherlands.

I moved to live in Rotterdam at the age of 18 and have lived in many different places since. Krimpen aan den IJssel, Melbourne, Dordrecht, Zevenbergschen Hoek, De Lier.

The educational trajectory I followed is about as winding, Havo 2 years, Mavo 2 years, printing school, motorcycle engineering, some travelling, some working and finally a Bachelor degree in Applied Phisics. (Finished eveything succesfully, except Havo.)

That’s why the occupations I held are equally varying. Graphic designer, motorcycle mechanic, sound technician, hostess on a sailing yacht, picking fruit, tending to horses, safety officer. But also: R&D research technician with vacuum equipment, lasers, radioactive materials and cryogenic techniques. I have a first aid diploma and have joined the company first aid response team for about 6 years now. I was the prevention officer for a department of 60 fte and now work as research assistant, specialised in fiber optic sensors.

I love things that make me independent, like riding motorcycles and doing the maintenance myself. Like, having everything you might need for the next 4 weeks in one backpack.

Being independent gives me a really good feeling and I wish that for everybody. That is what I find so special about the HelpLaos foundation. I met Adrie as a strong motivator to help people te become independent and self reliant and it kind of rubs off on the people surrounding him. Laos would probably not have come to my attention without Adrie, but the ‘bus’ was allready driving, all I needed to do was hop on board. The most fascinating thing is that Adrie aims for the Lao people to be steering their own independency, instead of forcing independency on the people. This inspires me enormously, that’s how this is supposed tob e done, I can learn from that, others can learn from that.

I can’t remember exactly when I met Adrie or when I got involved in HelpLaos. But it started with a drive to become active and a ‘backpack itch’ when I read about volunteering projects in Laos. I have two right hands, technical insight and tons of patience. I should be able to put those to good use.

In the mean time I offer computer related support and I try to promote the foundation among interested people and future volunteers alike. Which is relatively easy with all the wonderful results that keep pooring out of this organisation!

What I really like about volunteering at HelpLaos, are the brainstorm sessions, the open communication, the flat organisational structure, the travel stories, the efforts and personalities of the volunteers, the easy going nature and the unbelievably good cause!

If only one person can get by a little bit better than before, than we have accomplished a lot allready. Because this peson will be able to help someone else and so on. Let this whole proces develop itself at it’s own pace, who knows what flowers may start to bloom.