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The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Mission - Vision - Strategy


The mission of the Friends of the Khong-district Foundation is enabling underprivileged children, their families and the communities they live in to be self-reliant in their basic needs.


To really make a sustainable difference in the lives of  the people in the Khong-district, our intention is to make ourselves unnecessary. We help them developing skills that enable them to improve their own living conditions. Besides ‘capacity building’, 'community development' plays an important role in achieving our goals. For example, we encourage a culture within the Laotians that encourages development on individual and community level.


Achieving our goals starts with understanding that the 'common man' can really make a difference in his society as well as realizing that people can achieve even more when they cooperate.

We are trying to strengthen the local population in:

  • community building
  • self-reluctance
  • plan making and execution
  • sharing knowledge and experience
  • cooperation between formal and informal structures
  • creating networks for technical, financial and organisational support.

The Laotian culture is blessed with many old traditions, customs and communication systems that differs in many ways from the Western culture.

We have to be aware of our Western culture and expertise to provide our aid more successfully, The Western culture and expertise can never be processed directly in Laos. Therefore, our Laotian experts represent a crucial link in the intercultural interpretation. We must always bear in mind that we can learn a lot from each other!


  • Enabling the local population in decision-making and taking responsibility for improvement of their situation.
  • Improvement of the public health by building accessible health centres and facilities. Furthermore, supporting personal hygiene by realizing access to clean drinking water and toilets for households and schools.
  • Improvement of education through better buildings, furniture and teaching supplies and by training of the teachers.
  • Incitement of acquiring a basic income, which provides sustainability in the basic needs of the families.