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More income through better livestock management

On behalf of the foundation, a Belgian expert (Dr. Leperre) who lives in Laos visited several villages in the Khong District on a voluntary basis. Together with the locals he investigated the possibilities to increase the benefit from their chickens, ducks, pigs, buffaloes and cows, for example by organizing vaccination, providing training about the proper care of the animals and keeping records of the cattle. Together with the Khong Community Development Association (KCDA) and the district authorities he looked at which ideas are feasible and effective, and most of all, if the local people are interested in cooperating. The program will be tailor-made, because the situation, and therefore the requests of the inhabitants, differ from one village to the next.

Lasting results

Our expert is interested specifically in helping KCDA because it allows him to work with them in a sustainable manner. Basically the participants are required to change their behaviour, which is a process that takes time. He estimates that if all goes well this might take up to 4 years. Major donors and organizations do not have this time and prefer to support a large project with a fast (but not lasting) result. We give the people in Khong District the opportunity to reflect on issues like these and discuss them with each other. This may take a little longer, but the result will eventually be more sustainable.


In collaboration with Dr. Sounthone (Laotian veterinary) and Dr. Leperre an implementation plan for the first phase of the project was set up. In summary this means that poultry (chickens and ducks) will be the first focus. We will concentrate on one model village and possibly one reference village. In the model village the farmers will be trained to take proper care of the poultry and to provide proper accomodation for the animals. The plan also suggests a vaccination program. The veterinary village workers will receive a refresher course which will allow them to respond to the specific questions and requests from the people. The project will be implemented by and with local people from the Khong District. Our Dutch volunteers, Lies and Nelline, will monitor this project and provide coaching for project and financial management.

If the first phase goes well we will continue focusing on the pigs in a second phase and after that cows and buffaloes.

This is the first big project that takes place under the supervision of KCDA!

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