The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

New classrooms school Nakasang transferred

In December there was already an official transfer of a new classroom at the school in Kinak. The KCDA had contributed to this transfer via an application for a grant from the Australian embassy.

A few weeks ago the high school (a type of secondary education) in Nakasang got a new classroom. This time the grant was provided to the school through donations received by the foundation.

As we wrote earlier, we never just give money. The population must always contribute. They provide, for example, sand and gravel that is needed for the making of cement or they help with the construction whenever possible.

After completion of all construction activities the school is transferred to the village. The building committee is thereby dissolved and care for the school is thus in the hands of the headmaster, who is controlled by the village chief.

Mr. Bounchan, chairman of the KCDA, and Mr. Peng again received a beautiful certificate out of the hands of the local authorities. Also Adrie de Koning, co-founder of the foundation, got a certificate sent to him by mail. With these certificates, they express their thanks to the people who have made it possible to make  the school better, safer and thereby accessible to more children.