The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Official hand-over of Kinak School

In a ceremony held on 28 November 2014 a new school was officially handed over to the village of Kinak. 

The KCDA requested and obtained a subsidy from the Australian embassy and in this way was one of the organizations responsible for financing the project.  It is a big step forward for the KCDA since it is their first subsidy from an organization other than the Foundation Friends of the Khong District.

By not being solely dependent on our Foundation, the KCDA can become of even greater significance for the Khong disctrict.
Volunteers Ellen, Lies and Nelline were there from the Netherlands.  It is very much appreciated when people travel from abroad to be present and the Dutch delegation was introduced to a representative from the ministry of Education and Sport (foreign relations).

Mr. Bounchan, chairman of the KCDA, made a speech and received a certificate of appreciation from the village head (whose position resembles that of mayor) in recognition of the financial support.

The school was also given books for lessons and maps of Europe. The official hand-over of the school in Nakasang is scheduled for the end of December and it is hoped that several volunteers will be present on this occasion too.