The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Our 10 reasons

1. Help is necessary.

In the Khong-district the majority of the people live in poverty. The infant mortality rate is high. In comparison with the Netherlands, the life expectancy is 20 years lower. Most families live from small rice fields and fish. The families have hardly any opportunities to make extra money. A lack of basic needs such as clean water, sanitation, healthy diet and health care makes the people in the Khong-District vulnerable. The Government of Laos does not have the resources to change this.

2. We help people in the Khong-district to be self-reliant in their basic needs.

The people of the Kongdistrict understand they have to take action themselves. In doing so, they will get our support.

3. Sharing knowledge and experience.

The local people learn by new experiences. This knowledge and experience will be shared with each other. This expands our work automatically.

4. We help to build a strong community.

By meeting new challenges together. We teach the people to deal with the rapid changes in their daily lives and to make balanced choices for their future.

5. Cooperation works.

All actions are done in close collaboration between our volunteers, the local Committee, the district authorities and the villages involved. We learn from and with each other and develop new solutions.

6. Much has been achieved.

The people in the Khong-District have seen that a joint approach by the population, the authorities and our local Committee works. They are proud of what they have accomplished.

7. In Laos is your Euro worth a tenner.

We believe in low costs. For example, a school can be built locally for € 2.000 to € 4.000. The villagers themselves supply the sand, gravel and labour (and sometimes the cement blocks that are needed for the building itself).

8. We have low overhead costs.

We do not have an office, no cars and we pay no salaries. Enthusiastic volunteers in the Netherlands and Laos are the heart of our organization.

9. We are transparent.

In our newsletter an overview of the income en spending of donations is given. All donors with donations above € 750, - will be kept informed personally. In addition, you can choose which project you want to support with your donation.

10. Our help is sustainable.

Thanks to guidance and follow-up research and visits. The population is responsible for the progress and maintenance of their projects. In the unlikely event that we would have to draw back does not mean the end of our projects.