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Our volunteers Lies and Nelline and their plans

It’s already quite a while since our trip last November, but what a fantastic experience it was! We met so many enthusiastic and interesting people during our stay in Laos, and it was a source of great inspiration for our upcoming venture. In particular, we established a number of valuable contacts for the long-term poultry and livestock project which is due to start soon and which will be partly subsidized by our organization.

In addition to meeting Dr. Sounthone (Laotian vet) and Dr. Philippe Leperre (Belgian vet), both employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, we also had talks with Dr. Prachit (head of the provincial branch of Agriculture and Fisheries) and a number of members of staff at the local livestock and fisheries office. Without exception everyone was excited about the plans and expressed willingness to cooperate with us and with the KCDA.
These meetings would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of Dong, our regular advisor. She didn’t just help us by acting as our interpreter, but also by helping us reach across the cultural divide which inevitably exists between us westerners and the Laotians.

We leave at the beginning of next year and plan to stay and work in Laos for three years.  We will probably live in Pakse, 150 kms from Ban Thamouang where the KCDA has its offices.

There, as well as learning the Laotian language, we will concentrate on managing aspects of the poultry and livestock project, including the financial side, and coaching people working on the project. We will also spend time reorganizing the English lessons for children and the KCDA in the Khong District, and who knows what else will cross our path to keep us busy!

Prior to leaving, we are both going to take a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course to improve our educational skills and prepare us for the eventuality of teaching in a local or international school.  We are establishing contacts wherever possible to help us with local know-how and also for purposes of sponsoring. For example, we are in touch with the chairman of the Dutch student organization Veterinary Science in Cooperation with Developing Countries (DIO) and they are enthusiastic about the possibility of working with us.

We will be getting off to a great start, taking the long route from Bangkok to Pakse, covering about 1000 km by bike.You can sponsor our sporting undertaking and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the poultry and livestock project!

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