The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Piko Plant is supporting us!

Last Saturday the 8th of June Piko Plant held an open day at its new location. Customers and the public were invited to have a look behind the scenes at the totally renovated orchid farm. For this occasion some sponsors showed their specialties. There were many visitors and lots of positive reactions.

Adrie was there to represent the foundation and had some nice conversations with interested people. Half of the proceeds of the sold orchids will be donated to the foundation. Moreover the guests of the party night were invited to support the foundation and we sold some handmade good-luck bracelets from Laos.

We want to thank Arno and Ester for their invitation to introduce ourselves and for their generosity. Not only did we get some publicity, we also received a beautiful gift that allows us to support the people in Laos even more.