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The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is


In 2002 our first project aimed at providing financial assistance to the village Thako to build a new roof on the local school. Over 14 years later, we have greatly expanded our activities. We focus specifically on things that the Laotians themselves need.

Not only are our projects based on own ideas of the population, we find it explicitly in ‘empowerment’: developing competencies and skills in people is just as important as the actual result of a project. Thus, our work expands and sustains itself. The functioning of the Khong district Community Development Association (KCDA), our committee of local residents, shows that in this way we achieve a lot.

Constantly, we think of new possibilities and we support the committee in the realization of their plans. Examples include promoting water filters, producing biogas and generating income through Ecotourism.

By a step by step approach the committee keeps the overview over the projects. Also, there is sufficient time to consult with all the people involved. In this way more and more people learn to jointly plan and execute activities. In many cases we start with a sample project which may also be used in other places if it is rounded off successfully.

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EDUCATION: (potential) building of school Don Xai Phai 2019

Don Xai Phai is a village with over 600 inhabitants on the banks of the Mekong. Most people earn their income with rice cultivation and fishing. However, the average income is very low and the people can hardly manage. 

The wooden school in the village is currently in a very poor shape. The walls of the school are bended and here and there planks are missing. Furthermore, the sink roof is rusting and full of holes, giving little protection against the sun and rain.
A big storm last year also caused a great deal of damage.

EDUCATION: building school Ban Nasenphan 2018-2019

In 2014 the KCDA has built with our support a building with two classrooms in the village of Ban Nasenphan. Beside the two-classroom building, they have a kind of wooden shed that’s in a very bad shape. In these two buildings about 100 pupils get educated. 

The village head and the director of the school have asked KCDA for financial support to replace the wooden shed for a building with three classrooms.  

EDUCATION: (potential) building school Ban Houay Phai 2018-2019

The current wooden school in the village of Ban Houay Phai is built in 1976 and is actually on the verge of collapse. It is expected that the school will last for only 1 to 2 years. In 2008 the village already built a ' kindergarten with 2 classrooms supported by our foundation. This building is still in a very good condition. In the two buildings about 260 pupils from three villages get educated. 

Extension of the school in Ban Thamouang 2017-2018

In Ban Thamouang, the hometown of the KCDA, three new classrooms and five toilets are currently being built. The children and their teachers also get new furniture.

Education: building a school in Ban Muang 2017-2018

The old school in Ban Muang is in serious need of replacement. In the roof, but also in the wooden walls, there are large holes so that in particular in the rainy season teaching is very unpleasant. Some children do not even show up in the rainy season because it is not really possible to sit in the classroom with your notebook and pencil. Also in the hot season the indoor climate of the school is very bad. No ceiling, no fans, so terribly hot. You can imagine that the children, but also the teacher, can not concentrate properly.

More income through better livestock management

On behalf of the foundation, a Belgian expert (Dr. Leperre) who lives in Laos visited several villages in the Khong District on a voluntary basis. Together with the locals he investigated the possibilities to increase the benefit from their chickens, ducks, pigs, buffaloes and cows, for example by organizing vaccination, providing training about the proper care of the animals and keeping records of the cattle.


Without textbooks no education is possible. One, mostly outdated book for five students is no exception. The government has ordered new books to be printed, adapted to ev

Building a classroom

The government of Laos only pays the salaries of the teachers. When parents want to build a school, they must provide the money themselves. Because there is often just enough money for


We also strongly support the use of water pumps. With a pump the residents can tap safe drinking water directly. To avoid wasting water as much as possible we promote the use of hand pumps


Life expectancy in Laos is nearly twenty years lower than in the Netherlands. This is partly because few people have access to clean drinking water. During the rainy season most people drink rainwater. Water from the river, often uncooked and unfiltered, is used during the dry months.