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The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is


In 2002 our first project aimed at providing financial assistance to the village Thako to build a new roof on the local school. Over 14 years later, we have greatly expanded our activities. We focus specifically on things that the Laotians themselves need.

Not only are our projects based on own ideas of the population, we find it explicitly in ‘empowerment’: developing competencies and skills in people is just as important as the actual result of a project. Thus, our work expands and sustains itself. The functioning of the Khong district Community Development Association (KCDA), our committee of local residents, shows that in this way we achieve a lot.

Constantly, we think of new possibilities and we support the committee in the realization of their plans. Examples include promoting water filters, producing biogas and generating income through Ecotourism.

By a step by step approach the committee keeps the overview over the projects. Also, there is sufficient time to consult with all the people involved. In this way more and more people learn to jointly plan and execute activities. In many cases we start with a sample project which may also be used in other places if it is rounded off successfully.

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Many schools do not have toilets. Pupils relieve themselves in the fields or forests. In this way diseases like diarrhea, cholera and typhoid spread quickly. With a simple, expertly installed toilet

Coaching members of the KCDA

Our local committee in Laos, the Khong district Community Development Association, contributes a lot to the development of the whole district. Members