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Life expectancy in Laos is nearly twenty years lower than in the Netherlands. This is partly because few people have access to clean drinking water. During the rainy season most people drink rainwater. Water from the river, often uncooked and unfiltered, is used during the dry months.

Ceramic filters filter micro-organisms from the water. In developing countries, such filters are widely used. A company near the Khong district is almost able to produce water filters itself: a kind of earthenware jar that is put in a bucket. Clean water then can be drawn from the bucket. The filter is easy to clean and produces plenty of water for an average family.

This company would like to cooperate with us and they think like us that the filters should not be handed out for free. When the residents have to pay for them, they will make a serious assessment whether they want to buy this device. In any case a filter will not cost more than 20 euros.

We also have contact with a company in Arnhem that makes filters. The principle is the same, this filter however is a lot smaller. It produces enough water for a family and will cost around 4 euros. Soon we will send to our committee in Laos a trial shipment of twenty filters.

The KCDA decides which filter is preferable. They will investigate whether the filters are best be sold, rented or leased and how we can ensure that the filters are also within financial reach of the poorer families. We aim at training someone on the spot who will earn an income as an entrepreneur. We will support the KCDA during this whole project. It is certain that during the first years we will have to support the project also financially.

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