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The Friends of the Khong District Foundation is

Work methods

In order to realize our goals four teams join their efforts:

KCDA: the local Khongdistrict Community Development Association (KCDA), an independent and officially registered committee of motivated locals, is the starting point of all the support we offer. The Foundation Friends of the Khong District mainly offers the KCDA financial support and also offers coaching with regard to writing project plans, fundraising, and the implementation and assessment of projects.

The committee plays an important role in the assessment of project requests from the villages. The KCDA works closely together with the local authorities (district & region), and with national and international organizations such as the German Development Service (DED) and Room to Read.

Our Laotian expert in Vientiane has been working together with several NGOs since over 15 years. She assists and coaches the KCDA and offers extensive experience and networking.

The local population offers support by investing money, offering materials or labour. This creates a wide support base and some personal involvement. People get the chance to learn new skills and to pass on these skills which promotes the durability of our projects. Moreover, some projects can be realized twice as cheap, without jeopardizing the quality.

The volunteers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Laos offer support depending on the projects and the specific needs.